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Instant Form Pro allows you to create polls, surveys, as well as collect the feedback you want from your customers and gain a ridiculously unfair advantage over your competition in less than 10 minutes. This software is very advanced and allows many different ways to customize your forms that standard services and software programs do not offer.

Understanding more about your customers really is huge, and it gives you that edge over the competition. If you know your customers hot buttons, than you can convert more sales, which means more cash, plain and simple.

I can't stress enough how simple this software is to use. If you can type and point and click a mouse you can setup forms that would normally take quite a bit of time to setup. Further these forms and surveys when complete are every bit as good as the ones you see on some of the largest and most well known websites on the Internet. This is the type of software that gives your website the edge. Professionalism can make a big difference in your customers minds simply because it gives you the appeal of looking like a bigger company than you are. If your site functions and has features like a major player online, than they will lump you into that same category. Instant Form Pro makes this all possible for you.

With just a simple click of a mouse in a check box you can have features for these survey forms turned on that would take a long time to setup if done the old way. For example you can turn on form Spam protection through CAPTCHA with a simple click! This is a program that would cost you multiple man hours to get it setup, or it would cost you several hours and the headache of setting it up. All of the features you need to create professional forms are directly at your fingertips with Instant Form Pro.

This software is also coded in Ajax so you see the changes made to the form or survey as you actually make the changes. This is another hot feature that basically eliminates the need to click an update button to see changes; as you edit or change some of the wording it appears automatically.

Ok, so this software does a lot of awesome things and most importantly it helps you get information and feedback from your customers which can be worth a lot of money to you. You owe it to yourself to check out Instant Form Pro today, and get the full story of just how powerful this software is.


How much more could you make if you knew exactly what your visitors and customers wanted? You could take this information to create a product that's in high demand, deliver content that actually gets read, and improve other aspects of your business. Fortunately, we can do this by using online surveys and polls.

Instant Form Pro is set to do exactly this and a whole bunch more. You can create questionnaires, contact forms, applications, collect testimonials, collect feedback, create quizzes, and more. It's a script you can install very quickly and doesn't require any special technical experience. All you need is PHP and MySQL to install it on to your server.

The interface is very simple. There are 3 tabs – manage forms, IFP news, and IFP tools. The IFP news gives you the latest updates through a RSS feed from their blog. The IFP tools section has video tutorials, CSS style sheets, and a tell-a-friend feature. The Manage Forms is where you actually start to create your project.

You start by clicking on ‘Create New Form' then you name it and add a description. There are some interesting features such as password protections, spam protection via CAPTCHA, limited entries from users, and the preview page for people filling out forms. You can send visitors to a destination page after completion and add a tell-a-friend function at the end.

The best thing about this script is the ability to collect feedback. This can be done to collect testimonials, feedback on your products, and information on what your customers want. Like your standard survey you can include multiple questions with checkboxes and radio buttons to collect poll data. After you're done, simply grab the HTML and paste it on to your page.

There are some advanced features such as the ability to design your form through a drag and drop interface, email notification when a form is completed, export your data to excel/CSV, add tips in your survey, and the choice to limit one entry per IP. You even get the full PHP source code so you can customize the script as you desire. This really surprised me as most developers want to protect their source code.



In conclusion, Instant Form Pro is a winner. The script is so easy to use, the data is easy to manage, and the support is also excellent. There are so many features available and this exceeds some of the best survey services and software programs I've used in the past. The reviews for this script are overwhelmingly positive and most people seem to agree with my opinions.

The best part of this script is that you only have to pay for it once and you can put it on unlimited domains. This is so much better than scripts with limited licenses and subscription sites where you pay every month to use the service. I highly recommend you pick this one up if you need an effective way to collect data from your customers.


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Instant Form Pro Truth

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This article was published on 2010/12/17