Jumping Higher - What You Need To Know About Vertical Jump Form

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Here's why you should think about focusing on your vertical jump form, even if you currently already feel comfortable with how high you jump.

There so many different examples of why form is an important element to jumping higher.

If you're a left-footed jumper, try jumping off of your right foot, and see if you can get as high. Is your right foot any weaker or stronger? No, it's the same. But because there is decreased coordination, you are not able to harness the power that you already have. So in short, the increased coordination that you get from better form is going to allow you to harness the power that you already have.

And I know that some of you right now are saying, "That's fine for people who are uncoordinated: once they get coordinated, they're easily going to reach their peak." And that's true to some extent.

But let's say I were to take you out to a long-jump pit, and I was going to say, "Listen, all you're going to do is run, and at the end of that pit, you're going to jump, and we're going to see how long you can jump." And it would probably feel comfortable, and you could probably sprint down that long-jump pit and jump pretty far, and feel good about it and feel very coordinated about it.

What you don't know is that there are specific techniques you can do at the end of that jump to make the height of that jump much quicker and much more powerful. And if you're traveling at a certain speed, the higher you jump, the further that's going to go-unless you jump too high, and then you're not going to get as much distance in the jump.

There's a lot of things that you don't know about your jumping form that are going to help you get a few more inches. Really, it's realistic that even a coordinated jumper can gain two to six inches on their jump through better jumping form.

But I will tell you-just like you can't learn to throw a ball with your left hand just as far as your other hand overnight, it's going to take some practice, and it's going to take learning that skill with your other hand. The vertical jump is a skill, and you've got to start seeing it as a skill. It involves motor units firing, limbs moving all in really an orchestra of movements that all take you into upward propulsion. It's a difficult skill to learn, and just because you can jump and feel good about it doesn't mean you've mastered the skill of harnessing the power you already have.

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Jumping Higher - What You Need To Know About Vertical Jump Form

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This article was published on 2010/03/26