The Greatest Asset Of Your Company

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Have you ever wondered what is the greatest asset of your company?


It's not your equipment! It's not your products or your service! It's not your marketing, your website, your logo or even YOU!


All those things can be replaced! Yes, sorry, even you are expendable!


Your company's greatest asset.... is (drum roll please)...


... your customer data list!


Without a customer list, you don't stand a chance rebuilding if anything catastrophic ever happened to your business.


Building a list isn't difficult. Any person who has ever bought from you or requested literature, should be part of your customer data list.


If you have a physical location (a "Brick & Mortar" store), you can easily add customers to your data list at the point of purchase, or add them to a mailing list if they want future specials.


For those companies operating solely on the the virtual online world. I am totally amazed at the lack of list building.


Some companies do a spectacular job, creating stunning web page works of art, yet they don't have any triggering mechanism to get people to leave their name and email address. How dumb!


A simple "sign-up for our newsletter" is all you really need to get people to opt-in to your data list.


Every website should have some type of sign-up form to get people to leave their information. It doesn't matter if you have an order form already. Some people just don't buy the first time they visit your site, just like in the real world...they like to window shop. By adding a newsletter sign-up form, a coupon sign-up form, a recipe request form or "whatever you desire" form you have the potential to rapidly build a data list.


Like I said, list building isn't difficult.


It is very necessary.


The fact is, when a person has bought from you or requests to be on your list, they are more prone to buy from you in the future, and refer you to others.


Make it a priority today to start building that list!


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The Greatest Asset Of Your Company

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This article was published on 2010/06/23